Our company is created by young employees with great commitment, professionalism in this narrow field, which is transport in food tankers. Modern and eco-friendly fleet, richly equipped tankers with pumps and heating. Perfectly insulated allow for high quality of service and full customer satisfaction.

We offer tanks for both one, two, three and four chamber tanks.

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Chocolate delivery in food tanks.


The Jamox transport company also specializes in the transport of chocolate and cocoa masses. This transport is associated with many factors that confirm the difficulties, among others, of unloading. Without proper tankers with the required equipment, we can have huge problems during unloading. Each of the tanks that will be selected for the above-mentioned products should have heated pipes that help to avoid freezing of the product in individual parts, it saves valuable time, which for transport companies is one of the basic pillars of the reliable execution of logistics orders. The heated tube is not the only element that allows you to transport chocolate masses in an easy and effective way. Hydraulic pumps with appropriate power are also a key element, as not all of them will be suitable for the characteristics and properties of cocoa mass. In the case of choosing less efficient pumps, we can be convinced of the difficulties or complete prevention of loading and what is associated with further complications related to delays at our client.

Transport of wine and other alcohols.


- The transport of alcohol is subject to risks, e.g. due to improper temperature in the cold - many permits, certificates - must comply with sanitary requirements An ADR carrier is envisaged, i.e. a European agreement on air carriers (high percentage over 24%. Jamox is a haulier of alcohol, particularly wine. A company that transports caution, non-compliance with the prescribed standards, and the transport of liquids at an inappropriate temperature may result in a change in the properties of the product containing, among others, consistency, smell, taste ... To meet the requirements of the transport of alcohols meet the requirement to meet the series and meet the requirements meeting the sanitary requirements and with high requirements that Jamox lists successively and without problems. In order to transport certain high percentage liquids, the provisions of the ADR convention dealing with the transport of products must be introduced. With fewer of these employees, ethanol in an aqueous solution above 24%, if a given fluid has a concentrated formula, it will not be subject to the ADR convention. Transporting wine in an insulated cistern helps to support the quality of the product.

ATP certificate
Certificate of conformity of the means of transport

ATP certificate

ATP, which is an agreement for the international transport of perishable food products The cistern should be constructed in such a way that the juices do not lose their chemical properties during transport (stainless steel) Before each subsequent transport, cisterns carrying juice must be cleaned of the remains of the previous cargo repairing damage to the tank Any irregularity causes a serious increase in the risk of losing the quality and properties of the transported product, which translates into huge financial losses. Fruit juices and pulp are transported on the basis of the international ATP convention focusing on products, perishable foodstuffs. Jamox transports all kinds of juices by transporting them in tanks suitable for this type of products, maintaining freshness and all the properties of the fluid. The material from which the tanker is made should not physically or chemically affect the taste or texture of the product. Before each course, the cisterns must undergo an appropriate washing procedure and be cleaned of remaining residues. Jamox thoroughly inspects / checks / verifies each tanker to avoid damage and irregularities that would not only result in horrendous costs but also image losses. It should be taken into account that we have appropriate cisterns that have thermal insulation, which allows us to maintain the required temperature, and the driver is informed about any fluctuations.

Milk transport and other dairy products.


Pasteurized milk must be transported in tankers with a temperature of + 4˚ to + 6˚C The tanker cannot be made of any other material than stainless control the temperature. The milk tank should be constructed in such a way that the chemical and physical properties of the product are not changed during its transport equipped with special tanks allowing for quick, thorough and easy cleaning Our company is also subject to regular inspections by the County Veterinarian and meets all statutory sanitary requirements. Transport of milk is one of the most popular transports of liquid food products in Poland, seen on Polish roads. During transport, none of the external factors should have a direct negative effect on the product. Jamox has cisterns that do not adversely affect the properties of milk. Our tanks are made of materials that are safe for food products. We are able to control the temperature in tanks on an ongoing basis and maintain an appropriate temperature range, not exceeding critical points. The cisterns are constructed in such a way that they can be washed quickly and without any problems, without leaving the product in the cistern. Knowing that lactose in milk is an allergen, our employees adhere to an appropriate and thorough washing system. Jamox regularly undergoes successive inspections of the County Veterinary Doctor, meeting all the requirements.

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