The tanker for food purposes before loading is thoroughly washed in accordance with the current procedures and requirements of the loader (GMP+, IFS Logistics). Confirmation of the washing process is issued by the washing machine a washing certificate as well as a European Cleaning Document (ECD) certificate.


Jamox Trans

The transport of products takes place in specialized tanks intended for liquid foodstuffs, which are ATP-certified. These tanks are made of the highest quality INOX acid-resistant sheet adapted for food contact. They have a so-called pharmaceutical stroke which helps to accurately drain the product from the walls during unloading.

To ensure the high quality of our services, we focused on product safety and timeliness to achieve customer satisfaction.



JAMOX-TRANS certificates

ISO 9001/2000, ISO 9001/2008 as well as GMP+ and security systems avoid hazards.

Telematics systems together with GPS exercise continuous supervision of transport 24/7/365


Jamox certyfikat GMP +
Certyfikat rzetelności Jamoxo
Jamox certyfikat GMP+
Jamox certyfikat GMP+
Jamox certyfikat GMP+