Our almost 30-year experience inspires confidence and guarantees. JAMOX-TRANS is a privately owned company that has been operating continuously since 1990. We operate mainly in the Polish and in EU countries. Our main activity is the transport of liquid articles in tankers.

We have professional equipment and highly specialized staff in this field, as well as approvals in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. The implemented quality systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, as well as 9001:2008 testify to the serious treatment of our mission. We execute all orders on time and professionally. The integrity and competence of the staff guarantee trouble-free cooperation. We are open to new directions of cooperation because we have modern rolling stock. All our tanks are made of acid-resistant sheet, insulated, and most with pumps and heating.

Our company is created by young employees with great commitment, professionalism in this narrow field, which is transport in food tankers.

We offer:

  • reducing costs – by optimising the use of means of transport,
  • a wide range of services,
  • comprehensive logistics solutions.


Jacek Modrzejewski

Jamox Trans owner

Many years of experience in the transport of edible- food oils and feed oils such as:

  • refined rapeseed oil;
  • raw rapeseed oil;
  • unrefined rapeseed oil;
  • decouple-degumming rapeseed oil;
  • corn oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • palm oil;
  • olein, stearic;
  • crude soybean oil;
  • soybean oil feed;
  • refined soybean oil;
  • GMO-free soybean oil;
  • lecithin, lysine;
  • coconut oil;
  • linseed oil;
  • oils for technical purposes;
  • vegetable fats.

Transportation of wines:

As soon as mankind began to benefit from the results of fruit fermentation, and later, thanks to the science of oenology, the acquired drink allowed the development of winemaking. The taster, classifier and wine assessor is Kiper. Sommelier is a specialist and advisor on all knowledge of wine.

The main division of wine is their colour:

  • white wine;
  • rosé wine;
  • red wine;

Polish tables are sent:

  • domestic wine;
  • imported wine – wine from all over the world.

Transport of wine is carried out in several ways:

  • in bottles;
  • in barrels;
  • in isotans;
  • in tank trucks, tankers.

Experience in the field of wine transport is a very important aspect.

The wine tanker should be a selected unit for the transport of foodstuffs and the capacity of the compartments properly selected so as not to unnecessarily lead to aeration of the wine. It is also necessary to remember the correct temperature prevailing in the tanker, as well as the correct method of washing before the process of refueling the wine – loading the wine into the tanker.

Both loading and unloading of wine can be carried out by the so-called sterile tanker method. The idea is that during loading and unloading, the tank maniers are closed and the air supply is carried out through a sterile filter.

Unloading of wine can be carried out either in a gravitational manner, assisted by an electric food pump or a hydraulic pump.